7 Great Christmas Gifts to Send Your Clients This Year

Recent trends show that clients will leave your business if they think that you are apathetic towards them. This Christmas, you can show that they are appreciated by sending them promotional gifts or little tokens. It can also be your way of thanking them for a wonderful year of doing business with them. Here are seven great Christmas gift ideas that you can send to your clients before this year ends.

7 Great Christmas Gifts to Send Your Clients This Year

Whether the economy is in your business’ favour or not, it is a tradition that companies treat their clients with gifts and whatnot. The following are some Christmas gifts that you can send to them this holiday season:

1. Personalised Items

Probably the most common, but one of the best presents you can give to your clients are personalised items. For instance, add a personal touch to an ordinary mug by putting your client’s name on it. Remember that the most important sound to any person is his or her name. A mug with your company’s name or logo written all over it will only stay in the office cabinet. But if your client’s name is written on it, he/she will feel appreciated. There is also a great chance that the mug will often be used.

2. Local Products

Rather than giving your clients food baskets that are available in supermarkets, why not send them products from your company’s neighbourhood? It is thoughtful and unique. For sure, you won’t find it difficult having business with them the next year.

3. Edible Treats

Hype up your business and your brand by sending your clients edible treats, such as artisanal chocolates and fruit bouquets. Who wouldn’t want an artisanal confection, right? There are available chocolate masterpieces inspired by the artworks of Pollack and Kahlo, among others. It will surely satisfy both your clients’ art and sweet cravings. Moreover, if you want something healthy, you can give them bouquets and sculptures made from fresh fruits.

4. Wine

Wow your clients this holiday season with a personal wine bottle. Aside from the distinct taste, these wine bottles are outfitted with your business’ name and logo. You can also opt to add your client’s name on it to make it extra special.

5. Charitable Donation

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars for a premium holiday gift item, why not support your clients’ social causes? By giving them charitable donations, you will instil the true meaning of gift giving this Christmas.

6. Olive Oil

Olive oil has many uses, including gourmet cooking, soaps and candles. Among the most popular nowadays is the California-made olive oil. This is the perfect gift for your client because of its multiple applications. You can even add a card saying “Olive you”. You know, just to add some wit to it.

7. Personal “Thank You” Note

Nothing beats a good ‘ol personal note when it comes to showing your appreciation. You can scribble your personal thoughts on premium cards, or write it on a piece of paper along with your gift.